Dathomir: Life is Feudal Dedicated Server



The purpose of this server is to provide a fun and safe environment for players to engage themselves in competitive city building and combat. This has been offered on many other servers, but all to often it also results in abuse of power and nepotism. Rules should be consistent for all players, not just some. If you experience an issue with a GM please notify "Zeus" immediately.


This server was Re-established on 31 July 2015, and is hosted through a  dedicated server provider. It has all been prepaid and at the very minimum will run until January of 2016. With continued support we will hopefully run beyond that point, and possibly through the MMO launch, whenever that may occur.


While it is not our intent, is is possible that the server may need to be wiped from time to time in order to maintain server efficiency and in order to prepare for and facilitate potential updates. Recently the development team has not required this as they have in months prior. Server will go down daily at 5am PST (-8 GMT) for server reset and periodic updates. Please expect at the very least a 10-20 minute downtime. Occasionally the server may come up and be locked (password protected) temporarily for admin testing.


We are currently a 64 player server. We have a dedicated provider, and are hosted out of Texas in the United States. Although we are situated in the US, we welcome players from all around the world.


We use a terraforming server setting/multiplier that prohibits or rather discourages tunneling. When tunneling or mining, instead of the usual 30 material gain per strike, you will only receive 1 material per strike instead. The purpose behind this was to streamline server functionality, and eliminate unnecessary lag that is created from tunneling and mining. While this may not be the preferred way to play it is the best way to ensure the server is up and running for an extended period of time, as opposed to those that operate for a short period of time of a month or so. Once the development staff of "Life is Feudal" have solved this issue on their end we hope to remove this restriction. In the mean time we have established community mines to gather resources and for the purpose of leveling prospecting and mining. We also encourage the use of infinity piles. A quick glance on our guides page will elaborate more on this, as will a quick youtube search.


Our server maintains the default day cycle of 3hrs. A growth cycle is 8 day cycles, or 24 honest to goodness, real time hours. Plant your crops 8pm on a Monday, be ready to harvest them the same time the following day, on Tuesday.


We have capped the skills at 3000 skill points, which is maximum skill level. These are multiple reasons for this. One is which servers capped at 64 people, it is difficult to maintain an economy if only one or two people on the server have a particular skillset, and they happen to be offline. The second reason is to encourage players to try all skills, and experiment with what they like the most.

The skill multiplier is set to x5, meaning players gain skill 5x faster than the default on the server. There are a couple with x1, but most seem to be around 10x. The idea of setting it at 5x was to help prevent bullies from easily getting their skills upon death, yet still high enough to allow the casual player to tinker with all skill trees and learn the game.


We do not currently have a judgement hour, although we have been looking into possibly adding due to popular demand. We welcome ideas and suggestions, while we work around the difficult task identifying the best way to customize "JH" in a way that makes sense.


Currently no decay rate for structures, but the possibility of implementing it later on should the server become partially abandoned in areas or cluttered with unnecessary junk.


Breeding period and crafting periods have both been left as default as well, and each are marked as 60 respectively.


17 Aug 2015-

Guide updated with location of iron, gold, silver. Copper mine is up, SW corner of the map, along the beach on the peninsula, and will be posted on the community mine's page in the coming days.

Limited today only, those wishing to get an appearance changes will be provided with one free of charge. I will verify with the user in-game, when I am available, and the player is available. Beyond today, appearance changes, and name changes may become available by earning tokens for server events. Pricing structure to follow. In order to take advantage of today's offer, players must post in the "gripes and complaints" section of the forums, with their character name. The post must be made by 11:59pm PST today (17 Aug 2015.)